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NEW: Journals! Prayerful, Thankful, Prayerful ACTS, Weekly, Sketchy & Noteworthy 


Write your prayers, praise, and gratitude to God!
The pages in prayerful are completely blank and can also easily be used for sermon notes, doodles, or sketches.  Pages include a small image in the corner or verse along the bottom of each page to match the cover theme.
Covers are a soft matte paperback and a few designs are also available in hardcover.
120 pages, 6"x9"



This lined thankful prayer journal is perfect for writing prayers, gratitude, or sermon notes. Some versions have a small image in the corner or verse along the bottom to keep with the cover theme.
Covers are a soft matte paperback and a few designs are also available in hardcover.
120 pages, 6"x9"


prayerful ACTS

Easily follow this prayerful ACTS journal to focus your daily prayers.
Each prayer template stretches across two pages so you will have ample room to write out your prayers or write them in point form to guide your prayer time.
Adoration- Spend time praising and worshiping God
Confession- Confess and lay your sins before Him and ask for forgiveness
Thanksgiving- Thank God for all that He has done for you
Supplication- Make requests for you and your loved ones
120 pages 6x9"   58 prayers



A week by week journal to plan out your whole year!
The journal can be used as a planner, logbook, notebook, meal planner, reflection- the possibilities are endless!
Contains a section for each day to fill in as well as 10 lined pages at the end for extra notes. Each week spans across the spread so you can see your whole week at a glance.
Covers are a soft matte paperback and a few designs are also available in hardcover.
120 pages, 53 weeks, 6"x9"



SKETCH, DOODLE, or DRAW with sketchy!

This 120 page blank sketchbook that can be used for almost anything. Take notes, sketch, doodle, draw, or plan. It's small size makes it easy to tuck in a purse, bag, or backpack. Each page is virtually blank with a thin border to outline your artwork.
Covers are a soft matte paperback and a few designs are also available in hardcover.
120 pages, 6"x9"



This simple, lined notebook is a perfect journal for any plans, lists, notes, or to-do lists. Some versions are lined and others also include a small image in each corner that matches with the cover theme.
120 pages, 6"x9"


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Journal versions that pair well with 'Letter to My Child- The Story of You'

prayerful- blank pages with small corner images from the book 
prayerful ACTS- guided prayer journal using the ACTS model

my journal- lined notebook with small corner images from the book 

 sketchy- blank pages with a thin border 

weekly- a week-by-week planning journal
grids- grid paper journal

Letter to My Child- The Story of You
Published March 2020

Letter to My Child- The Story of You

This children's book is all about seeing our value in God's eyes and knowing that He has a plan for us all! Great to curl up and read with a little one you love. Simple, cute watercolour images accompany text and Scripture.

If you purchased a copy of 
'Letter to My Child- The Story of You', 
know that a portion of all profits goes to support a pregnancy crisis center in Alberta (thank you!).


What people are saying

This was one of the cutest Children’s book I have read. I really enjoyed the way the author helped children as they are growing up. The story line was amazing and the illustration are eye catching. This would be an amazing book for each Sunday School class to read to there students . I would highly recommend this book. The author did an outstanding job.
A Gardner- Goodreads

This is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book that tells God's love for them their entire life. It's wrote at a child's level so they can understand God's love and the illustrations will hold their attention. Wonderful book!
A. Ferri- Amazon.com

This is a book that I would recommend every parent to get for their child/children. It's a perfectly crafted short story on how before were even born, God knows our purpose. Also, that each and every single one of us holds a special place in God's heart and He views all His children the same. Very touching!
Mike- Amazon.com

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A Favour...

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About Me

Hi! My name is Leanne, and I live with my family in rural Alberta, Canada. I am a stay at home mom and school teacher. These last few years I have been learning a lot about self-publishing while working on my first children's book.

My First Book

I have always enjoyed writing, but May 2019, is when I began thinking about the concept for this children's book. The book was written shortly after and I spend the summer painting, photographing, and formatting. 'Letter to My Child-The Story of You' began to take shape, and on March 30, 2020 my paperback and ebook were published.


I have always used scrap pieces of paper, journals, and notebooks for planning and sketching out ideas. Using my artwork and photographs I have created weekly planners, blank prayer journals and sketchbooks with a variety of cover options!


Here you can find details of any upcoming events and read my latest updates.